Intellectual Development System Complete and Effective

LUK learning system provides effective and enjoyable activities to develop intellectual growth for children ages 3 years old and up. Each LUK system contains one uniquely designed controller for self-checking and a series of workbooks each targeted for specific skills. The learning model is consistent and easy for children to operate. The contents of the workbooks are age appropriate, challenging, and fun. It is an excellent flexible system which helps children master higher level thinking skills while at the same time adapting to individual needs. This system is designed for independent learning, guided play, or small group instruction. It is ideal to be used in learning centers, schools or at home.

SpecialLUK for age 2+ and children with special needs


bambinoLUK Early Learning Series for Age 3 to 5


miniLUK Brain Challenger Series for Age 5-7


miniLUK Advance Series for Age 6 and above

miniLUK Advance