bambinoLUK Early Learning - Beginning Math

bambinoLUK Early Learning - Beginning Math
Product Name:bambinoLUK Early Learning - Beginning Math

bambinoLUK Brain Training series- Beginning Math

These workbooks provide enjoyable learning experiences in math to ensure that young children are continuously motivated. Exercises in the first workbook invite children to count, match, discover and name quantities and to learn numbers. The visual illustrations of addition and subtraction in the second wordbook give them an easy way to understand the concept of arithmetic. This developmental approach to math encourages and helps children develop their mathematical skills.

Workbook Description

Starting to Count
for ages 3 to 5

This workbook is ideal in establishing a young child?s first steps of future success in learning math. It is an excellent tool for parents who would like to expose their children to math but are concerned about overwhelming their children at too early an age. Through these playful activities, children learn to compare, count and look closely at everyday objects in their surroundings from a mathematical perspective. This helps them become familiar with the concept of numbers and serves as an introduction to basic arithmetic in an enjoyable way.

  1. Counting objects
  2. Number awareness
  3. Matching numbers with objects
  4. Missing numbers
  5. Comparing amount of objects
  6. Basic arithmetic
bambinoLUK Controller needed. Sold separately
Starting to Do Addition
for ages 3 to 5

The ability to associate between objects is an essential factor in children?s intellectual development. The key to developing such an ability is to first observe accurately, then think at a higher level by finding the correlation between objects. This workbook provides effective materials for children to learn and refine their observation and association skills in a positive and enjoyable way.

  1. Association
  2. Connecting and correlating
  3. Combining
  4. Perception of transformation
  5. Logical thinking
  6. Visual discrimination
  7. Observation
bambinoLUK Controller needed. Sold separately

bambinoLUK Skill Chart for Beginning Math Workbook

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