bambinoLUK Early Learning - Visual Perception 1

bambinoLUK Early Learning - Visual Perception 1
Product Name:bambinoLUK Early Learning - Visual Perception 1

bambinoLUK Brain Training series- Visual Perception 1

Visual perception provides the foundation for learning to read, to write and to do math. Through playing exercises in these workbooks, children learn to recognize and distinguish different colors, shapes, sizes and positions. Good observation, sorting, and categorizing abilities are also greatly enhanced by these activities. bambinoLUK Visual Perception workbooks are essential for young children?s overall learning.

Visual Perception 1 Workbook Description

See and Sort
for ages 3 to 5

This workbook provides essential exercises for children in order to build solid foundations in reading, writing and math. Visual discrimination and accurate observations are key elements in learning to read and write. Categorizing and sorting abilities serve as an important tool in fostering children's mathematical and logical thinking as they mature. These building blocks are developed in this workbook:

  1. Categorizing and sorting
  2. Accurate observation
  3. Visual Perception
  4. Differentiation
  5. Learning to concentrate
  6. Association
  7. Perception of zooming
bambinoLUK Controller needed. Sold separately
Seek and Compare
for ages 3 to 5

This workbook provides more essential exercises to build solid foundations for children in reading, writing and learning math. The building blocks of building such foundations including visual differentiation and discrimination, accurate observation, and the abilities of relating, combining, and comparing, are greatly enhanced by practicing these exercises.

  1. Relating and combining
  2. Visual discrimination
  3. Mirrored images perception
  4. Size awareness
  5. Differentiation
  6. Comparison
  7. Accurate observation
  8. Generalizing
bambinoLUK Controller needed. Sold separately

bambinoLUK Skill Chart for Visual Perception 1 Workbook

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