miniLUK Advance - Higher Order Thinking Pack 1

miniLUK Advance  - Higher Order Thinking Pack 1
Product Name:miniLUK Advance - Higher Order Thinking Pack 1

miniLUK Advance Brain series for age 7 and above

This series provides advanced exercises in visual perception ability,general learning and higher thinking skills, and spatial relationship. There are over 1000 advanced brain-challenging exercises in these 8 workbooks. The same miniLUK Controller is used in a more advanced operating model involving higher level of eye-hand coordination.

miniLUK Advance for age 7 and above - Higher Order Thinking

These four workbooks are specially designed to develop important brain functions and facilitate children's overall learning abilities and higher thinking skills.

Effective learning involves many different skills and abilities. Memory, concentration, visual perception, reasoning, and logical thinking are all critical to establish a solid foundation for effective learning. The activities in these workbooks have been carefully designed so that the skills learned progress at a rate of increasing difficulty. Through the constant repetition of practicing, the brain is relieved from the basic information processing and leaves rooms for more complex tasks.

Exercises presented in these workbooks are well structured from basic to more advanced and challenging, and cover all the important skills in which to build the foundation for effective learning and higher thinking abilities for young children.

Workbook Description

  1. Enhances general learning skills
  2. Fosters higher order thinking
  3. Improves memory and concentration
  4. Promotes abstract thinking ability
  5. Strengthens logical thinking and reasoning skills

miniLUK Controller needed. Sold separately

How to play miniLUK Advance

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