miniLUK Advance - Visual Perception

miniLUK Advance - Visual Perception
Product Name:miniLUK Advance - Visual Perception

miniLUK Advance Brain series for age 6 and above

This series provides advanced exercises in visual perception ability,general learning and higher thinking skills, and spatial relationship. There are over 1000 advanced brain-challenging exercises in these 8 workbooks. The same miniLUK Controller is used in a more advanced operating model involving higher level of eye-hand coordination.

miniLUK Advance for age 6 and above - Visual Perception

These two workbooks provide effective exercises to improve and to strengthen the core elements in visual perception. Visual perception is one of the most basic and important skills required in order to learn to read, write, and do math. Often children with higher visual perception abilities have fewer problems in learning these subjects and being successful in school.

Discriminating between colors, shapes, and sizes, comparing and contrasting, recognizing groups and patterns, associating objects based on logical relationships between them, differentiating left and right directions, and learning spatial skills are all covered in these two workbooks. Visual perception and general learning skills are positively enhanced by completing these exercises.

Workbook Description

  1. Builds solid foundations for reading, writing, and learning math
  2. Boosts learning in school subjects

miniLUK Controller needed. Sold separately

How to play miniLUK Advance

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